The Family Culture Project
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Our Mission

Are you and your family busy doing life together but not really connecting? Do you have a vision for what you want your family to be but don't know how to achieve it?

We can help you imagine, plan, and build your best family!

The Family Culture Project™ will equip and empower you to design to and create the family culture you’ve dreamt about.

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The Podcast

Hear from experts, leaders, and everyday people who share with you what it takes to create a thriving family. 


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The Course

Our 6-week online course will walk you through establishing your values and practices that will shape your family's culture.


Family Culture workSheet


8 questions that will help you clarify what you want your family to be known for. 

Core Values Inventory kit


A step by step guide that will hep you identify your core values

Family Meeting Packet


Discussion ideas and sample agendas that will save you time at your family meeting.



Personal Coaching

Want personal guidance and an outside perspective to help hone and polish your family culture plan? As certified life coaches, we can help!


“I love this podcast for all of the valuable advice Kimberly and Carl share on family culture! It's applicable, life-changing and reminds us to be intentional about the things that matter most --- our family. Thank you Kimberly and Carl for offering such a wonderful set of tools for my family” - Angela

“I am so thankful that Kimberly and Carl have opened up their lives to share all they’ve learned on their journey to becoming the family they were meant to be. With the the idea that everyone in a family has individual strengths and purpose as well as corporate purpose, mission, and values, they walk us through both the theory and the practice of having a family culture.” - Elise

“We realized this course was helping us when we were able to agree on what to say no to so that we could say yes to our biggest priorities and not feel guilty.” - Jose and Mary