Episode 01 What is Culture and What it Has to Do With Families

This podcast is for:

  • The couple first starting out, wondering about the direction they are going to take now that they are together and beginning a new journey.

  • Those who are just starting to have kids and want to make sure what values and beliefs they have will be pass down to their children.

  • The parents that have older kids but need a reset. It’s never too late to take control of your future and become the family you were meant to be.

  • This is essentially for families at every age that just want a purposeful way to instill their values and beliefs into their family

In this episode you'll

  • How we discovered the power of culture.

  • What organizational culture is.

  • What it has to do with families.

  • Why culture is so important.


Family culture is not about perfect, it’s about purpose. << Tweet This

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