Episode 04 Your Past, Present, and Future Culture

Some of the things we do as a family is very similar to way I did them growing up. Just as my parents passed culture to me, I'm now passing it onto my children.

In episode 4, we’ll talk about how your past impacts your present family culture. Then we’ll show you how you can examine the past so that you’ll be inspired to plan for the future.

In this episode you'll:

  • Learn to identify family culture that is already active in your life.

  • Be given questions that will allow you to examine your past so you can decide what you want to bring forward and choose what you want to leave behind.

Key points:

1. Culture is a bit like expectations. Culture is the norms, values, beliefs, and customs of people that are passed down from generation to generation, often without us even realizing it.

2. Operating in a default culture, one that is tied to the past, keeps us stuck, prevents personal growth, negatively affects others, and causes conflict.

3. It important to look at your past to recognize the default culture that was at work in your life. It will help avoid assumptions, therefore avoid conflict. It allows you to decide what you want to bring forward and choose what you want to leave behind.


Resource Mentioned:

Want to start cultivating your family's culture?

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It includes questions that will allow you to explore who you are as a family and challenge you to dream about what you could be together.


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