Ep. 45 Carl Lentz on Parenting by Design, Not by Default

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Culture is what sets the standard in our home. It’s the unwritten code by which we make decisions and its the undercurrent of the life we have with our family. When we decide ahead of time what we stand for and who we want to me we have a better chance of seeing the family we want become a reality.

Today we are talking about just how simple creating culture can be and why it’s way more powerful than a set of house rules.

In this episode you will hear:

  • The ways small things over time has a powerful impact on your family

  • Examples of how one word phrase can create culture.

  • How your culture, not a strict set of rules can your guide your family

Key Points:

  • It doesn’t matter what you tell your kids, if they don’t see it modeled in the home they will see right through it.

  • Consistency in the little things count.

  • You can parent by design, not default when you decide what you want to be known for ahead of time.  

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