Episode 08 Why Knowing Your Values is Not Enough

It’s great to know what your values are but they are meaningless if they are on their own.

We have all seen the posters. The ones that include a beautiful image and a list of values that a company stands for. These large signs proclaim what’s important to its founder, however, the organization's members go about their days continuing with habits that just don’t line up with the words displayed.

In this episode, we are talking more about values, and why simply knowing your what yours are, is not enough to build a strong family culture.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • Why putting signs up with your values is not enough

  • How creating culture is primarily a teaching function. That means that these methods should be taught, coached, and celebrated over and over again until they become habits.

  • When you translate your values into behaviors they become

  1. Actionable – It can be acted upon

  2. Repeatable - It can be done over and over again.

  3. Observable – Others will notice.

  4. Measurable – You and others can gauge the success of it in your life.

  Key Points:

  • Determining your values is your first step.

  • Then decide what your values means practically to you

  • Values can be taught, coached, and celebrated once you have assigned behaviors and habits that correspond to them.

  • Choose simple statements that include verbs.



Values Practices Kit.jpg

Resource Mentioned:

Ready to give your values power?

Download our Values Practices Kit HERE.

It will walk you through the process of turning your values into simple practices that are actionable, repeatable, observable, and measurable.

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