Episode 11 How Words Shape Your Family Culture

The contributing factors in a culture are the vision, values, and beliefs, and practices which include language. This week we will be focusing on the words we use in our every day that shape our families culture.

In this episode you'll hear:

  • The two reasons why words matter when it comes to building family culture along with a few examples of each.

  • A few questions that will help you start rethinking the words you use in your home.

  Key Points:

  • Words matter when it comes to building family culture.

  • Language informs the way we think and interact with the world. Not only that but, what we say, to a considerable degree, determines what others think, and therefore how they act. This means our spouse and our kids.

  • Language also fosters a sense of unity and membership.

  • Both the language you choose to use and choose not to use impacts your family culture.”

  • Communication is a skill and like most things, it takes practice to do it well.

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How Words Shape Your Family Culture

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