Episode 15 Jen Schmidt on Opening the Door of Your Home

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In this episode, we are talking with Jen Schmidt. She recently wrote a book called Just Open the Door. At first glance, it appears to be a book about hospitality, but it’s far more than that. It’s about “How One Invitation Can change a Generation”

In this episode you'll hear:

  • What it means to open your doors to others.

  • The positive impact it can have on others.

  • The difference between entertaining and hospitality

  • The small steps you can take to open your door, even if you feel overwhelmed by the idea.

Key Points:

  • Your legacy begins today! The past is behind and you get to set your new course.

  • We create a culture of hospitality in our homes when we consistently open our door others.

  • Biblical hospitality isn't a one and done deal. it's an ongoing process.

  • Simple steps over time can change the culture of your home. They can also change the culture of your neighborhood.


Website: www.beautyandbedlam.com
Instagram: @jenschmidt_beautyandbedlam
Facebook: @beautyandbedlam
Twitter: @beautyandbedlam

Check out Jen's new book: 

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