Episode 26 Allie Casazza and How Simplicity Makes Room For a Strong Family Culture

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There are days when I feel like more of a manager than a mom. I spend a lot of my time coordinating schedules and putting away the stuff we have accumulated in our home. Yes, I can be grateful for the all that we have been giving to take care of but it’s all too easy for those things suck up the time, resources, and energy that are vital to intentionally build culture in my home.

In this episode you will hear:

  • What Minimalism really is.

  • How Minimalism can help you be present with the ones you love.

  • Key areas you can declutter right now and what do they need to know about the process.

  • Why routines matter.

Key Points:

  • Changing your relationship to stuff is a huge part of minimalism but the benefits go far beyond just decluttering your home.

  • One of the ways to build a strong culture is though routines.

Mentioned in this episode:


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