Episode 27 One Word Can Change The Way You Navigate The Holiday Season

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Thanksgiving and Christmas are quickly approaching. Most people I know either look forward to this season or dread it. Guess what? I dread it. Well not really, but sort of! That was until we found a way to focus and simplify or holiday experience. It changed the way we approach the holidays and we know it will change the way you approach yours.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How to leave behind unrealistic expectations, set boundaries, and be intentional with my time.

  • How One Word for the Holiday changed the way we celebrate our holiday.

  • Simple steps you can take to choose your One Word for the Holiday.

Key Points:

  • You don’t have to overspend or overcommit to make lasting memories with your family.

  • You can leave behind unrealistic expectations, set boundaries, and be intentional with your time with One Word for your holidays season.

  • Significance can be simple!


Mentioned in this episode:

One Word for the Holiday worksheet

It will walk you through the process. In it, you’ll find a word bank, questions that will help you choose your One Word, and a calendar for planning your time well.

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