Episode 28 Carey Bailey and How to Set Yourself up for Success in the Culture Making Process

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If you have been with us for a bit you know that if you want to change your family you will have to change your culture. But did you that when you make those changes is just as important as what changes you make? Today we will be talking about the rhythms of our day, week, month and year that will set us up for success when building family culture.  

In this episode you will hear:

  • What a life coach is.

  • How we avoid false starts and disappointments.

  • What it looks like to anticipate crazy seasons such as holidays and life transitions.

  • How you can stay on track as you create culture in their family.

Key Points:

  • When you make a change is just as important as what changes you make.

  • Be mindful of life transitions and busy seasons when you implement new habits or change.

  • Documenting what went well and what can be done different sets us up for success in the next season.

  • Accountability is one of the keys to success, especially in the midst of a life transition or busy season.

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