Episode 30 Mary Flo Ridley and How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

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A healthy family culture is marked by openness. The ability to talk with one another, and ask questions without the fear of shame in all areas including sex! Even those with a strong family culture may shy away from this topic. Today’s episode will shift your thinking about when, how, and what you say about the important subject.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How you can become the authority in your kids life on the topic of sex.

  • Why it's important to give every conversation about sex a purpose.

  • Which each parent should be talking with both their boys and girls about sex.

  • How you can talk to your kids about their body and privacy.

Key Points:

  • “Your family is the age of your oldest child and everyone else just keeps up.”

  • Keep the conversation with your kids about sex natural.

  • The younger you talk to kids about sex the better.

Mentioned in this episode:


Birds & Bees resources exists to empower parents to talk to their kids about sex in a healthy way.

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