Episode 32 Kristin Schell on Creating Connection in Your Neighborhood

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Opening up our lives to others can seem scary, but it doesn't have to be. Just like simple steps over time can change the culture of your home they can also change the culture of your neighborhood. If you are looking to love your neighbors and but aren't sure where to start, this episode will inspire and equip you to take action towards creating a connection with others and building the community where you live.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How The Turquoise Table Community got started.

  • Why community is important in building family culture.

  • Simple ways you can connect with your neighbors

Key points:

  • Building community in your neighborhood not only is you for your neighbors but your family too!

  • We were not created to be lone rangers. God created us to be in community with one another.

  • We become fragmented in our communities when we don't see and interact with one another. But when we connect, we can meet the needs of others in ways we never imagined.

Mentioned in this episode:

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