Episode 35 Building Family Culture Through Rituals, and Traditions, and Rites of Passage

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Culture whether in an organization or family is made up of instinctive, repetitive habits, and emotional responses. One of the most common ways an organization does that is through rituals. And just like in an organization, culture is not created by a one-off team-building exercise and a good orientation day, but in the rituals, and traditions, and rites of passage that are practiced by its people.

In this episode you will hear:

  • What rituals, and traditions, and rites of passage are, why they are important

  • What you should consider as you create your own rituals, and traditions, and rites of passage

Key points:

  • Rituals, and traditions, and rites of passage give us a sense of shared identity and belonging when they impart family values and beliefs. As well as teach cultural and religious heritage.

  • Designing rituals, and traditions, or rites of passage that will sustain over time requires that it lines up with your values and beliefs.

  • Rituals are powerful drivers of culture. Just like in an organization they should be thoughtfully designed and nurtured to reinforce your family’s values.

Mentioned in this episode:


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