Episode 37 Lynn Cowell and Raising Brave and Confident Teen Girls

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Young girls have a tendency to size themselves up, measure themselves and decide who’s inferior or superior to them. It’s awful. It keeps them from being their best selves and enjoying the life they’ve been given. Whether we feel better or worse about ourselves after the comparison, it rarely leads to joy.

Today on the podcast we are talking about how we can help our kids break free from comparison and embrace who they were created to be.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How to help our girls be confident and brave

  • How we can start this process of helping our daughters build their confidence and strike down comparison

Key Points:

  • You can pass down confidence to your daughters even as you are learning to have it yourself.

  • Research shows that a girl’s confidence peaks at age 9.

  • Fear doesn't have to dictate what we do and don’t do.  

  • Be mindful of the things your children are saying, are they comparing themselves to others?

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