Episode 38 Darren Brazil on How to Teach Your Kids What You Want Them to Know

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Driving culture is primarily a teaching function. If you don’t know what you are teaching, you won't do it well. That’s why taking the time to map out your family’s culture, values, and vision for the future is crucial. It creates a curriculum for the way you will do life.

Today we are talking with someone who is created a podcast to pass down to his children the things he wants them to know.

In this episode you will hear:

  • What it means to leave a legacy

  • Where to start when in intentionally passing down your wisdom to your kids.

  • Some things you can do in your home to instill your family values and beliefs

Key Points:

  • “Legacy is not just what we leave behind but who we send into the future.”

  • A good narrative can impact your kids and your grandkids.

  • Culture trickles down from the top.

  • The way to our kids heart is always pursuing them. This looks different in every season.

Mentioned in this episode:

Where you can find Darren:

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