Episode 40 Barb Roose on How Worry and Anxiety Affect a Family’s Culture

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As a parent, do you feel as though, unless you worry about these things, everything will unravel? It may feel like the responsible thing to do but it can actually take a toll on your personal own happiness and on the happiness of our family members. More on this and how you can win the worry battle on today’s podcast.

In this episode you will hear:

  • Statistics on people struggling with anxiety and worry

  • The difference between worry and anxiety

  • The biggest obstacles to living a life of peace

  • Practical steps that they can begin to do today to end stressed out days and sleepless nights

Key Points:

  • Worry is persistent negative thoughts of worst case scenarios you can’t turn off in your mind.

  • One person in the household that is struggling with worry and anxiety will impact the whole family.

  • An atmosphere of worry and anxiety creates uncertainty and insecurity for children.

  • Bringing God into your worry doesn't have to be complicated. Simply acknowledge Him.

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