Episode 41 Christie Thomas on Helping Kids Overcome Worry

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At a young age, kids start to worry. They typically worry about things like grades, tests, their changing bodies, fitting in with friends, getting hurt, or whether or not they'll make the team. Thankfully, parents can help kids face their fears and tackle worry with intention.

In this episode we’ll talk about the simple steps parents can take to help their kids overcome worry plus the role stories can play in shaping your family’s culture.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How to recognize anxiety in our children.

  • What storytelling do that lessons and lectures can’t

  • Practical things we can do to help our children if they are dealing with worry

Key Points:

  • Worry and anxiety can look different in each of our kids.

  • Stories play a big part in teaching our kids your beliefs and values in a way they will understand and remember.

  • Reading stories and listening to audiobooks shapes our family culture and give us touch points for teachable moments.

  • Anxious parents create anxious kids.

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