Ep. 47 Bill Delvaux on The Surprising Path to Manhood

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We are all drawn to the heroic. It’s in the movies we watch, the news we hear, and the books we read. But what can we do when we want to be a truly heroic man but don’t know how?

In this episode you will hear:

  • The story behind Bill’s new book Heroic: The Surprising Path to True Manhood

  • The three aspects of a heroic journey both in literature and real life.

  • How families are impacted when a man connects to the heroic longing inside of him

  • How women can support their husbands and sons in the heroic journey

Key Points:

  • Being heroic is not about climbing to the top or having the loudest voice or the biggest influence.

  • Identity is a gift. You can’t find yourself by yourself.

  • Every man knows what being heroic is. We don’t have to be told or taught. The way we get there is through death, then resurrection. It’s the resurrection of our hearts as men.

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