Ep. 52 Vanessa Hunt on The Connection Between Peace in your Home and Heart

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Did you know that when we have a foundation of peace and order in your home we can handle the ups and downs of life and our busy schedules? Not only that but your environment can improve your workflow, boost your mood and creativity, and promote connection with family and friends.

In this episode you will hear:

  • The connection between having peace in your heart and peace in your home

  • How to choose which areas of our house are worth keeping tidy even when we are at our busiest.

  • What a tidy home do for your family others who visit

  • A practical first step for those who don’t feel peace in their homes because of clutter.

Key Points:

  • Our environment and how we feel inside are very much intertwined.

Mentioned in this episode:


  • Vanessa’s 6 Ways to Have a More Peaceful Home' and it's available to download for free on her website through my website www.atthepicketfence.com.

Where you can find Vanessa:

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