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Are you and your family busy doing life together but not really connecting? Do you have a vision for what you want your family to be but don't know how to achieve it?

We get it, because we’ve been there. Just a few years ago we found ourselves stressed, frustrated, and overwhelmed by the busyness of life. Our mantra was “Let’s just get through this week.” We were doing our best to just survive hoping that eventually we’d be able to build the family we wanted.

That all changed when we discovered the same principles that cause an organization’s culture to flourish and business to succeed could help our family thrive. As a family, we now know what we stand for, and where we’re going together. We have confidence to say YES to the things that matter to us and NO to the things that don’t.

And now we are sharing what we’ve learned to help you imagine, plan, and build your best family. 

This season’s episodes were inspired by the questions we’ve heard from you and the areas of our own family life where we are looking to grow. We talk about how you can begin to Build Your Best Family right now as well as How to keep your family on track During Different Seasons of Life.

Topics this season include giving and receiving feedback, how to empower and motivate your family members. 

Plus we have incredible guests that will teach us about empathy, the connection between success at work and our relationships, as well as how to tackle conversations with our kids about faith, money, and navigating life outside our home. 

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Then get ready to become the family you were meant to be.

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