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Episode 41 Christie Thomas on Helping Kids Overcome Worry

At a young age, kids start to worry. They typically worry about things like grades, tests, their changing bodies, fitting in with friends, getting hurt, or whether or not they'll make the team. Thankfully, parents can help kids face their fears and tackle worry with intention. In this episode we’ll talk about the simple steps parents can take to help their kids overcome worry plus the role stories can play in shaping your family’s culture.

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Episode 40 Barb Roose on How Worry and Anxiety Affect a Family’s Culture

Science has proven that feeling connected is a human need. Families with a high degree of connection are more engaged, more productive, and more rooted in their shared values. It’s that secret ingredient that make us feel like we are a part of something special. In this episode talking about why connection is so important and the three ways we can connect with our family members.

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