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Episode 21 Emily Sue Allen on Resilience and Family Culture

It’s easy for parents to have big ideas about what they want their family to look like but then get discouraged in their everyday. It’s important for you to know that we’ve all experienced this.

Today we are talking with Emily Sue Allen. We hope her words will inspire you to stay the course when it comes to establishing what is important to you.

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Episode 16 How a Family Retreat Will Benefit Your Family

Many organizations hold yearly employee performance reviews. These evaluations reinforce what their managers expect in the workplace but also provide employers with information to use when making decisions, such as promotions, pay raises, and layoffs. In addition, many organizations utilize the 360 peer review which is an assessment of interpersonal skills from an employee’s peers. We used the same format with our children and incorporated it into our yearly retreat.

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Episode 12 Elisa Pulliam on When Your Spouse is Not on Board

There are many reasons why a partner may not be a part of culture building process of the home. It could be long work hours, frequent business travel, or possible health issues. Or they may just not understand why culture matters. If you feel alone when it comes to creating your family culture this podcast will give you the encouragement and tools you need to make lasting positive changes.

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The Family Culture Project Season 2 Trailer

Join us each week in season 2, as we talk with experts, leaders, and everyday people who are intentionally creating culture within their families and organizations. Drawing on the principles of organizational culture, we will help you establish your unique family culture, one that reflects your values and beliefs. As a result, you’ll be able to lead with purpose and passion and create unity within your family.

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Episode 08 Why Knowing Your Values is Not Enough

It’s great to know what your values are but they are meaningless if they are on their own.

We have all seen the posters. The ones that include a beautiful image and a list of values that a company stands for. These large signs proclaim what’s important to its founder, however, the organization's members go about their days continuing with habits that just don’t line up with the words displayed.

In this episode, we are talking more about values, and why simply knowing your what yours are, is not enough to build a strong family culture.

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