Family Retreat Packet

Family Retreat Packet


Do you want to know what your loved ones really think of you?

A family retreat is a fun way to connect with one another and get honest feedback on how you are doing a family.

The key component of our family retreat is the discussions we have around who were are individually and how we can grow together. Our retreat worksheets were inspired by 360 peer reviews that are commonly done within organizations.

Are you interested in hosting your own retreat?

We’ve taken the guesswork out planning yours by creating the Family Retreat Packet. It’s guaranteed to save you time!

Our Family Retreat Packet includes:

  • Sample Itinerary

  • Packing List

  • Activity Suggestions

  • Discussions Worksheets that will help you answer questions such as: “Is there something our kids need from us that we are not providing?”, “What do they think about each other?”, “When I am not around, are my kids treating each other well?”,” Does our behavior reflect our family’s mission or values?”

  • and much more!

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