It's time to become the family you were meant to be!

Do you have values, beliefs, and expectations for your family but feel you are in a losing battle against other influences?

It’s easy to get lost in the busyness of life. If you have hopes and dreams for your family, but you're not quite sure how to get them show up in the every day, you are in the right place.

Course Available september 2018!

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It's time to be intentional about the direction your family is going.


When we got married, we talked about many wonderful ideas for our family. However, years later we discovered that the values, beliefs, and expectations we had for our family were getting lost in the shuffle of our modern-day suburban life. We felt like we didn’t have control over the direction our family was going. 

In an effort to bridge the the gap between the life we were living and and the life we’d hoped for, my husband and I set out to create change our family's culture. 

Based on our research, work in the corporate world, and experience with church ministry, we believe that the same principles that cause an organization’s culture to flourish and succeed can help your family thrive.


Course Available september 2018!

we will be your companions as you:

  • Decide what you want your family to be known for.
  • Determine your core values and passions.
  • Translate your values into behaviors that can taught, coached, and celebrated.
  • Create a family manifesto.

Plus, you'll get:

  • Access to our private Facebook page to connect with others taking the course. We'll be there with encouragement, additional resources, and live Q&A.
  • Options for one-on-one coaching sessions to help clarify your vision and determine practical step to get you there. 

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